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Razlika između brzog CNC WEDM i CNC srednje brzine WEDM, i tehnička analiza


Razlika između brzog CNC WEDM i CNC srednje brzine WEDM, i tehnička analiza

Status razvoja tehnologije brzog rezanja žice i tehnologije obrade žica srednje brzine

Kao što i samo ime govori, brza obrada žice je imenovana jer žica elektrode radi velikom brzinom tijekom procesa rezanja. Alat za obradu žice koji se brzo kreće originalna je električna oprema obradaalatni stroj u mojoj zemlji. Nakon decenija neprekidnog usavršavanja irazvoj, it has now become an important obrada method in the manufacturing industry. It can meet the requirements of middle and low-end mold obrada and other complex parts manufacturing, and occupies a considerable weight in the middle and low-end market.

The biggest advantage of fast-moving wire obrada machine tools is that it has a good performanse-to-price ratio. Because of its practicability and economy, it has a larger market in China. Traditional fast-moving wire obrada uses a one-time cutting process, the obrada efficiency is about 40 mm²/min, the surface roughness is about Ra3.0μm, the surface has more obvious lines, and the obrada accuracy is about 0.02 mm.

In order to improve the obrada quality, manufacturers of fast-moving wire obrada machine tools improved the relevant parts of the machine tool by referring to the multiple cutting process, and the so-called "middle wire-moving machine tool" appeared. The numerical control precision of the machine tool, pulse power supply, wire feeding system, and process database have been greatly improved. Improve the obrada accuracy and improve the surface quality.

The current technical indicators of the middle wire obrada machine tool: the efficiency of one cut is 180mm²/min, the surface roughness after multiple cuts is Ra≤1.0μm, the average efficiency at this time is 50mm²/min, and the processed surface is glossy There is no obvious cutting stripes, the obrada accuracy is 0.01 mm, and the electrode wire loss is less than 0.01 ㎜ /200,000 ㎜². These performanse indicators seem to be quite good, but it should be noted that obtaining these indicators needs to ensure that all links are well. Once there are discrepancies, such as changes in the concentration of the working fluid and the loss of the electrode wire, the stability of the obrada quality will be affected.